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An Idea is a resilient thing

155 SOLD

The Doc goes through the events of the extensive protests by the people opposing Greek sello... READ MORE


What does Identity itself mean? Are we who we think we are, or, are we who others perceive us to be? ... READ MORE


Dimitris Kapsaskis although in the young age of just 22 years top model Cecilia Lopez and Steven Tailer..... READ MORE


Apostolos Christou,Champion  Swimmer,

19 years old, two world records... READ MORE


the affair of  three young people who pass each other a venereal disease.... READ MORE

The Wonder kid

The fascinating story of Boxer Alexander Tsanikides that AIBA calls the “Wonder Kid” from Greece. He was a great expectation for the up coming Olympic games... READ MORE

Yiorgos Pandeleakis BEST FOREIGN ACTOR

“Serenity,” directed by Alex Pitoulis

Award winner, Best Foreign Actor, Best Director, Best Music) FBBFF 2012