Athens International Fantastic Film Festival 2009 (Kotronis)

A’Female for Marina Myrtalis

B’ Male for Argiris Thanasoulas

Make Up Artist Award for Marietina Panagopoulou


An Idea is a resilient thing


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  1. ZOE   a film by Yiorgos (de la Grecia) Panteleakis

  2. Poetic Cinema, a dark poem.Is life reality or is reality life and what is Life if it is.

  3. This film could be classified as a thriller or in the sphere of fantastic cinema with a rather different approach on this very common question.

  4. It flows through this question documenting real life and fiction in order to communicate with its audience in a very personal way introducing again the need for understanding what are we and why are we the way we are, and by doing so maybe reach self realization.The characters in the movie can be seen as you wish. They can be simple people in simple events or they can be puppets in the Garden of Eden. They flow from being symbolic into just being simple. But simple in a thrilling and agonizing reality that haunts the haunted and seeks to liberate the loved and lover from their dualistic bondage.

  5. “Zoë is living with her man in her dream, her world. Her own reality. Many would fear to enter that kind of a nightmare, for her maybe that is the only solution, the only hope she has ...the only way..the most possible variation. There comes a time though that the question demands an answer:''Where are we Zoë? This is not the Lake"

  6. The dead may not know that he departed specially if he is loved and loves in a way that doesn’t allow him to move on. Especially if the one that loves him will not let go...

  7. Zoë is left to deal with this after a summer nite ride in the seashore...