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  1. The Wonder Kid

  2. Greek title: Το παιδί Θαύμα

  1. Emerging Greek boxing star Alexander Tsanakides excels in a sport that has virtually no audience or support in his homeland. The athlete’s path after a terminal injury towards the 2016 Rio Olympics.

  2. Watch AIBA’s President Dr Ching Wu, on one of his rare interviews, presenting his bold, controversial and innovative landmark decision to establish AIBA’s own professional league, changing the Boxing scene forever.




YEAR: 2017

  1. The story of a Greek Boxer, the Wonder Kid. We are initiated in the unique boxing style created by a father and a son. An avant-garde, action-packed documentary that visually engages the jazz musicians working on the score. They become the soul of an innovative and highly aesthetic documentary experiment, matching the gritty rhythm of boxing with their music. A highly conceptual, creative, quirky, full of dramatic tension documentary.


19th Thessaloniki International Doc Film Festival 2017 Premier Main program

Oaxaca Sports Film Festival Cine de porte

11 th Docfest Chalkida Greece 2017 Main program Competition

An Idea is a resilient thing


Research Production: Elena Tsoka

MUSIC:       Dimitris Klonis, Charis Charalampus

SOUND:     Studio recording/Orestis Kamperides

Switzerland crew

                  Marco Scopesi/Camera/Video Editor

                  Raoul Perez/Graphic Designer

PRODUCTION: Independent Greek Cinema

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BEST FILM HONORARY AWARD11th Docfest Chalkida Greece 2017