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An Idea is a resilient thing

“…The symbolic transformation takes off, everything becomes one, you touch the ultimate Deity. Shocking feeling, this is. And again back to the Metal instrument and again over to the bloody purple rain.

The performance itself produces symbolic changes, becomes a judge and guardian of the symbolic transformations, that it so masterfully creates and recreates. Odysseus. Red Rhapsody X is the reason. Yiorgos Panteleakis emerges as a formidable craftsman and performer of the philosophy of symbolic forms, creating a melting pot of language and art, a kaleidoscope of shape and motion, a riot of rhythm and color, elevating us to transcendence. Well Done, Yiorgo!”.

MCF/Athens/Greece November 22

Review by Dr Chrysostomos Papaspyrou phd/Linguist

“This was a chance to catch a relative rarity: Homer delivered in Ancient Greek with musical accompaniment. Was this what it sounded like thousands of years ago when people first heard it? Perhaps, but that isn’t what this production sets out to do. The circumstances are very different and this presentation is a piece of contemporary theatre with all its technology of sound and lighting, we are not sitting around the fire in the megaron, but perhaps it does capture something of the spell that was cast by an ancient teller of stories.This is worth seeing just to hear the extraordinary voice Panteleakis produces, the vibrant instrumentation and a charismatic performance. It is not theatrical archeology but a contemporary take that tries to imagine creating things for the first time now as others did thousands of years ago.”

Hellenic Centre/September 30th/ 2017

Review Howard Loxton (British Theater info guide)

"This play stands as a living anachronism from a contemporary artist. No one can guarantee what the ancient Greek sounded like. But no one will say that it could not be like this. The production is a curious synthesis of a "dead" language and modern technology. The main partner of Panteleakis - a homemade metal string instrument, nicknamed "Poppy". The play is a  sound meditation".

“Solo” International Moscow Theater Festival 2017 in Strasnom Theater/ October 11/2017

Review by

Valeria Kudryavtseva (TV Cultura.ru)

Odysseus. Red Rapsody X (Hommer 22nd Rapsody)

Theater Experimental Research Team Meth’odos

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Odysseus. Red Rapsody X

the “Swing Girls”