1. Fylosophy And Other Absurdities
    What does Identity itself mean? Are we who we think we are, or, are we who others perceive us to be? Human beings are like worlds unto themselves, apart, but gracefully orbiting. We are connected but separate, each side setting the boundaries and limits of the level of intimacy exchanged. Individuals are physical and emotional landscapes, so similar yet so distinct, it seems almost a paradox. The creative process always presents a rare opportunity to bridge this gap and truly understand another persons heart and mind. Poet Allen Ginsberg once said, “Fortunately art is a community effort- a small but select community living in a spiritualized world endeavoring to interpret the wars and the solitudes of the flesh.” This book is an intimate photographic collaboration between Stratis and Vass, models and everyday people, and a camera, taking us down a secret and seductive path of knowledge. With an intimacy more profound than simple nudity, the models are free of makeup and other post-production filters entirely revealing themselves to the camera. Every photograph conveys a secret she has never revealed to anyone else. In turn, they were asked to relate their secret admiration of their physical body. Some told us obvious things, things we could even guess by looking at them. Some surprised us with things that we could not anticipate, violating our preconceived ideals, and giving us a clearer picture of the person in front of us.
    The individuality of their experiences challenged and compelled this endeavor as it took on a consciousness of its own. The women spoke of struggles to accept traumatic scars and striving to be comfortable in their own skin . Some experiences validated momentous decisions they made at the earliest moments in their careers not to alter themselves to the tastes of agents and casting directors who, with an eye on the last thing, are looking for the next thing. Many of the women had accepted and come to love their flaws while others were a journey in progress. A few were even able to embrace their (im)perfections during the cathartic photo shoot itself. Woven together to the individual stories combined into a hidden story of a group of complex and extraordinarily talented women who climbed to the apex of a difficult and sometimes callous profession based on perseverance and raw talent. On the way from point a to point b, each learned to love their special detail that makes them who they are, who we all are. Unique.

An Idea is a resilient thing


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