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An Idea is a resilient thing

EUMENIDES rehearshing for 11 months

Our research  is based in actually putting into use the method described in “Aristotle’s  “Poetica’’ in  which a system is described by which sound is articulated in a way that creates vibrations, which in return are  magnified by the rhythmic  pulse  of  the laws of Metric applied called “Prosody”. Apart from training in Aristotle’s method our work includes research in the movement of the body as it inspires and concludes the spectacle. Further more we create our own body Language using contemporary Art forms. The actor becomes a moving ideogram. The movement by which the actor articulates his movement cannot in fact be a different scheme than the scheme of his Voice, there has to be coherent Poetic Harmony. The work conducted is rear and authentic as there are few that involve themselves in a similar manner.

Learning to translate physical acting into “masks” which use the naked
face  and body like a live canvas where expression is defined, in order to achieve original orchestral forms. Working with structured team improvisations in order to create uniform and original body language and get a feel of acting as one body when in Chorous.

We create our own body Language using contemporary Art forms



Theater “Dora Stratou” July 2009

Theater “Rematia” September 2009


«Meth΄odos» group interprets through the laws of Metric the vibration-resonance of the ancient text and its translation in Prosody, creating vocal and orchistric  schemes.

The aim is not the reenactment of Archaic poetry, but its contemporary expression in Vision and Sound. The actor and the interpretation made are an animated ideogram in which “Poetry” remains a living electrosized organism whole and sufficient.

Yiorgos Pantelekis as the “Poet”.

Alternating “masks” and roles Apollo-Orestis