1. BOXER   a film by Yiorgos (de la Grecia) Panteleakis

  2. Featuring Boxers:Yiorgos Ioannidis/Yiorgos Kapadaithakis/Angelos Charisis/Nikos Vlasopoulos/Anna Margariti – Ioannidis/Yiorgos Stefanopoulos/Mighty Mike Arnaoutis/Aristotelio boxing Club “Boxers” 

  3. Written, Directed, Edited, Cinematography by Yiorgos (de la Grecia) Panteleakis/Music by Vasilis Gouzios, Periklis Trivolis, Dimitris Clonis

  4. An Independent Greek Cinema Production 2013 All rights reserved with the support of the GREEK FILM CENTER

  5. The Doc is following the steps of and old time «Boxer» and now head Trainer of «Aristotelio Boxing Club», Yiorgos Ioannidis.

  6. Ioannides won every Championship that he participated in his career until he retired. He was National champion for nine consecutive years in Greek Amateur Boxing (Olympic style), won «Golden Gloves» tournaments, 4 «Acropolis Cup» tournaments and participated in the 1988 Seoul Olympic games.

  7. In the film another side of what is considered to be a “Brutal and Bloody Sport “ is documented. Yet though the sport of «Boxing» has originated in Greece the style that is vastly adopted is the Russian or rather Eastern style. We follow “Boxers” from all venues while they train in the city of Athens, through its Urban crowded streets and underground boxing clubs.The principles of the discipline are being explored by old time Champions and trainers revealing hidden aspects of the sport and what goes through a fighters mind.

  8. Watch fellow ex champions and Olympic winners such as Yiorgos Stefanopoulos, Cuban mythical fighter Felix Savon, former Welter weight Champion «Mighty Mike Arnaoutis» and a living legend, the 75 year old Yiorgos Kapantaidakis who is still coaching, reflect upon the nobility of their sport and the love and respect that they share amongst them in this hierarchical line of champions-trainers,covering a fifty year legacy in Greece.

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Finalist at GREEK ACADEMY FILM AWARDS Doc Award 2014

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  2. The soundtrack to the 2013 directed documentary “Boxer” features an innovative, percussion-based score from jazz drummer Dimitri Klonis. The score took a free-form, avant-garde approach actually incorporating visually in the plot jazz drummer Klonis. Rather than composing pieces for the film, Klonis improvised on his drum set to a rough cut of the film while being filmed-documented himself. Hoping to match the gritty, live aesthetic of the Boxing Gym and the rhythm and loneliness of an art form that requires devotion and solitude as a dedicated percussionist does, Klonis becomes the soul and principal silent narrator of an innovative and highly aesthetic documentary approach. Also included on the soundtrack are a few jazz classic pieces by saxophone player Vasili Gouzios.

  3. The result is a highly creative, sonically varied soundtrack that matches the quirky, conceptual nature and dramatic tension of the Documentary.