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An Idea is a resilient thing

A Boxer a Singer an Actor and a Dancer

An obsessive freejazz audiovisual performance, theatrical premiere of the homonym original play written and directed by Yiorgos  Panteleakis. Performed in English with surtitles projected.
An avant guard performance with individualities that come together dramaturgically on stage during a real boxing match.
A boxer, a soprano, an actor and a classical ballet dancer, interpreting a freejazz essay on the introvert nature and isolation of a Boxer.
Elegy on the American dream and Boxing during the «Jazz age» era through the twentieth century. Political activism, freedom rights, jazz and Boxing as the voice of Black America.
Performances by soloists from different art genres with common denominator their obsession with their fields, collaborating in the pugilistic arena, through Jazz poetry. Poetry in which the poet meets a variety of forms, rhythms and sounds. A literary genre that draws it’s themes from the music itself.Ernest Hemingway, Scott Fitzgerald and Zelnta, an audiovisual arrangement in a centrifuge, obsessive jazz drum solo!

A Boxer a Singer an Actor and a Dancer

REVIEW "Maria Markouli/ It's my blender

"What happens when boxing meets Jazz, dance, singing and story telling. An extraordinary, pulsating performance. In the ring with Jazz beat. A rhythm that changes and ' paints ' its stories and doesn't stop from beginning to end.

....... It's like seeing movies one inside the other. Mankind-dreams, black days, synchronized through the work of a jazzman and the heartbeat of the Boxer. It's the failing American dream-with the blows and knockouts-when Martin Luther King fell dead from bullets and Marilyn would wake no more .

A Trip in a game with risky balance. Life itself. Ladies and gentlemen, Jazz’n Boxing I teel ya, I hope to see the show again ".

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Last Cast 14th Day Art house Performance

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First Cast MCF Performance







«A Boxer, a  Singer, an Actor and a Dancer”

Written and Directed by Yiorgos Panteleakis
Nikos Papavranousis   Drums
Maira Milolidaki         Soprano
Evita pitara               Dancer
Yiorgos Panteleakis    Actor
Babis Papadopoulos   Boxer
Vasilis Paradisas        Boxer

Apostolis Makris         Boxer

Photography / Production Manager           Elena Tsoka

Trailer with Dimitris Klonis on drums A Boxer a Singer an Actor and a Dancer


Yiorgos Panteleakis/ the Actor

Maira Milolidaki/Soprano

Evita Pitara/ the Dancer

Niko Papavranousis/ Drums

Ntino Moutsioulis /Boxer

Bob Alexopoulos/Boxer

Apostolis Makris/ Boxer

Konstantin Miriklis/Boxer

Vasilis Paradisas/Boxer

“... with the free jazz audiovisual performance entitled" A Boxer, a Singer, an Actor and a Dancer ", the homonymous theatrical play, written and  directed by Panteleakis Yiorgos, continues...”.


“...behind any attempt,

to an expression that is called Art, there is a riddle”.