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An Idea is a resilient thing


...... With masks in the Ancient Greek Original Text and a Technical Rhythmic articulation accompanied with percussion.

You will not understand the concepts, but the show is subtitled in Modern Greek.

Above all, however, the intensity of the energy emitted by the actors and especially from Yiorgos Panteleakis, holding the title role and the “Chorus” part, signing the interesting scenery, illuminated by Melina Mascha, and the Aesthetic of the performance will keep you riveted.

I do not know if the experiment might evolve, but the result of this performance was for me a very pleasant surprise.

2005(from the “TAXIDROMOS“Postman” Magazine, Theater Critique, “Something is going on” by George Sarigiannis).

  1. Meth’odos is one of a kind because it is a group that performs Ancient Greek Drama in the original Ancient Greek Language via the Metric laws.The work conducted is rear and authentic, as there are few that involve themselves in a similar manner.

  2. Ancient Greek is a dead language but at the same time the base for all Western languages and the Crossroad of Eastern and Western communication medium.

  3. It is a language complexed and musical in its tonation, where sound and meaning are felt rather than thought of.

  4. Tragic Logos is the base by which the Actors carry out the Myth.