Independent Greek Cinema is a recently founded, digital film production company.

It focuses in Art Films and Cinematic Documentaries on contemporary themes. Its aim is to redefine the compass of Independent filmmaking and audiovisual experience in an attempt to allow spectacle and spectators merge in a new level of awareness. It strives to involve itself in projects with a new approach of integration and fusion of the human experience.

Independent Greek Cinema can accommodate any type of production that the Audio Visual industry might require.

Associated with a wide Network of professionals it can apply its experience - and above all - its one of a Kind Creative look in any given Task.Our approach is personal and Unique, treating anything we do as an Art form.We love to create and we do so with a high aesthetic standard. We put experience together with cutting edge filming techniques and an innovative point of view to bring forth a new means of communication, both for the traditional and the new media.

You can contact us at Yiorgos Panteleakis

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